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Go to return items, fill in the appropriate areas. If you believe that an item requires the use of the warranty you will be required to contact us via email on info@kitchenbathroomaccessories.com.au to discuss the issue.

Upon receipt of the faulty goods Kitchen Bathroom Accessories will determine if the warranty will be implemented (within 10 days of receiving the goods). A copy of the valid invoice, and for tapware a copy of the plumbing certificate showing the tap was installed by a registered plumber must be provided to Kitchen Bathroom Accessories before replacing or refunding any goods. It is also required that pressure limiting values details may be required for most flip mixer products to reduce the water flow. Kitchen Bathroom Accessories may require the purchaser to provide details of the pressure limiting value on your property to a certain if this is an issue. If purchaser can't provide a copy of the plumbing certificate and details of the pressure limiting value the warranty may be void.

The purchaser will be required at their own cost to send back to Kitchen Bathroom Accessories the part that requires replacing or if the tap requires relacing. Kitchen Bathroom Accessories will send back the part or new tap at their own cost. The part or tap will only be replaced upon receipt of the part or tap. If this part is not available Kitchen Bathroom Accessories will replace the part with a similar part or replace the tap with a similar tap if in stock. Kitchen Bathroom Accessories will give a refund if the tap is not available only once the part or tap have been received by Kitchen Bathroom Accessories and do not have a replacement available.

Each item sold by Kitchen Bathroom Accessories will have its own manufacturers warranty and in addition Kitchen Bathroom Accessories has its own 12 month warranty of parts and or replacement at the discretion of Kitchen Bathroom Accessories. 

There is a strict 14 day policy on items that have been delivered and are broken during transportation for the customer to contact us about this issue. After this time no refund is possible.