Fitting and fixtures for kitchen and bathroom renovations or restoration.

What are fixtures and fittings and why are they important? 

Fixtures tend to be those items that are fixed or bolted to the floor or walls.  These items usually include kitchen or bathroom cabinets, wardrobes and shower roses.  Fittings are those items that are easily removable including towel rails, toilet roll holders and furniture.

Fixtures and fittings determine the style of your home.  They provide the practical solutions to the way you live and use your home.   Therefore choosing the right fixtures and fittings are a vital decision when renovating or building a new home. 

It’s easier to choose as many of your fixtures and fittings from the one place as possible.  It means that you can view the items as a group and ensure that you achieving the style that you are aiming for.  Kitchen Bathroom Accessories can help you with our free design service.