Master planning guide to DIY Kitchens

Many people choose Do It Yourself kitchens. You may want a new look, need to update your kitchen or are moving into a new build. In order to create a new kitchen, you can either DIY or hire an expert in the area to do it for you.

There are many advantages to building it by yourself. The main plus is cost. Doing your own kitchen means that you can cut the costs of hiring an expert as you will only be paying the material and supply costs. As most people are not cabinet makers, doing the work yourself, usually entails buying flat packed cabinets.

The satisfaction of you doing the work is a strong emotional advantage of a DIY kitchen. You have put your heart and energy into your own project making it an even more fulfilling element of your home.

This also means that you have more control over the project. You can make changes as you need to without the risk of extra costs charged by many experts. You can also do it to your own timetable and not rely on someone else.

Although there are many appealing and compelling advantages to a taking on your kitchen, you also have to consider why you may choose the experts. Do you have the skills to do it properly? Do you have the time and the expertise to plan and carry out this kind of project?

There are certain professionals that you would have to hire. Regulations require certifications for all plumbing and electrical works. by plumbers and electricians.

Of course you can combine your skills and the use of an expert. You can source your own products without fear of paying a commission to your builder.

Kitchen, Bathroom and Accessories (KBA) are a valuable resource whether you choose to do the work or hire the expert. Our cabinets are not only high quality, but are also pre-assembled. This makes it easier for you There is a significant time saving involved in not assembling the cabinets, for either you or the builder. This makes it less frustrating for you, and reduces the risk of damage to the cabinets. It may also mean that it costs you less if you hire an installer, as they do not need to waste time putting cabinets together.

Our free design service also helps if you are not clear on what you want or need help putting your vision together.

Save time and more money by purchasing your kitchen accessories from KBA. Our taps are stylish and will add to the design of your new kitchen. You can choose between taps that have spray functions such as the Shui or Vellam. The Nero and Wasser taps have a more traditional and subtle style. Or consider the Vessi or Hanum for a modern touch.

And don’t forget your kitchen sink. If it is a single sink you are after consider the 901003. The 9004002 and 904003 are terrific options if you are after a drainer. Looking for double sink? Look no further than the 903007. Or if it is something in-between you want then the 903003 is for you.
Need help with all the options available for your DIY kitchen cabinets project? Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries and our professional, knowledgeable staff will be there to help.