Welcome to Kitchen Bathroom Accessories

Icons for 75% off, best price and quality, 100% Australian owned and Fast Delivery.Icons for Safe and secure payment, up to 5 year warranty, 30 Day Return Policy, GST included and no middle men.

Taps: All our tapware is chosen for its modern styling, lasting quality with a very cheap price. Watermark approved mixers and taps.

Sinks: If you looking for double or single handmade sinks at great price look no further.

Cupboards or Cabinets

For DIY cupboards for your kitchen at the right price you've come to the right place. Our cabinet range has white gloss base, tall, wall & pantry cabinets. 

Each cupboard is pre-assembled (like flat pack) for minimum installation at a minimum price with not comprise on quality. These suit kitchens including modular or DIY kitchens for anyone remodelling or renovating there home.

Base: These cupboards sit on the floor in and around your sink, stove and fridge.  With our modular carcass you can mix and match any of our cabinets to suit your kitchen renovation.
Oven & Microwave:  These fit around you oven or can have you microwave inside or on top of these cupboards.
Base Drawer: These are the lower cabinet that includes a draw or two depending on what you need when renovating.
Wall: These are overhead cabinets that are fixed to your wall.  These cupboards give you more storage space options in a smaller kitchen area.
Tall: Used as pantries or room cupboards they add extra large storage for food containers, breakfast cereal or clothes and shoes.
Panels: Panels are used to enclose a carcass, fill in the gaps and add the finishing dressing to your project.
White Kitchen: By far our most popular is our white cupboards as nothing is more classic than white or more modern than our self installed cabinets.  
Kitchen Pantry Call a larder food cupboard this is the largest cabinet in the kitchen used for storage for food containers, breakfast cereal. Chose Double or single pantries depending on the amount of space need.