Shower Accessories

shower accessoriesDid you realise that you need to furnish your shower? A shower mixer and shower rose or shower column, and a shower shelf will finish off the look of your shower. Shower mixers and a separate shower rose allows for more flexibility on where in the shower space to place them.

A shower column is not only stylish but is very functional. It gives the option of showering with the luxury of an overhead shower rose or hand held rose. The overhead shower rose is perfect for rinsing off the suds hands free. The hand held rose is a very handy addition for cleaning the shower. Have a young child to shower? The hand held rose means that you can be in the shower washing young children without having to have a shower yourself. Do you have an injury that you can’t get wet or need to direct the warm water directly onto your sore back? The hand held rose gives you control over your washing.