Kitchen Renovations in Melbourne with Kitchen Design Affordability in mind

When concidering a kitchen renovation we offer the most affordable design solutions in Melbourne where you can do it yourself or purchase the kitchen cupboards tap or sink and just pay the builder for his time either way you save getting it straight from the importer "us".

Want to get straight to the cupboards, sinks and taps?

Read this before you Renovate.

Time to update your kitchen? Wondering what is the easiest way to do it without compromising on quality and style? Where do you start? Want some practical help?

Just as you would plan a trip, you need to plan your kitchen.  You need to decide where you want to go, have a budget and plan what you want out of the trip.  The same applies to renovating a kitchen.  You need to decide where the kitchen will be situated and how it will be laid out, how much have you got to spend and finally what do you want to achieve with your kitchen?  Are you after a luxury chef inspired kitchen for those feasts you create or a functional kitchen in which you can make a cup of coffee and toast for breakfast?

Choose and buy your kitchen accessories early on.  Included in accessories is your oven, fridge, sink and tap.  This will ensure that cabinets will fit the size of your fridge, oven and dishwasher.  It also means that the renovation will run more smoothly as you are not waiting for items to come in - they should be there ready and waiting for when you need it.

It isn’t by accident that the most popular kitchens in Australia have high gloss white, square edged cabinets.  It is a fresh clean colour.  It allows for flexibility to choose the colours for splashbacks, handles, flooring and appliances that will create the atmosphere you want.  It is a colour that doesn’t go out of style.  If you want to update the look in years to come, you can do it easily by changing the colours of the items above, because they are elements that are likely to date.

Choose products for their look and functionality.  For instance taps come in all shapes and sizes.  Do you want a spray function like that on the Wasser or Shui or do you need the simplicity and style of the Vessi?  Do you need a double sink such as the 903 007 or 903003 or will a single like the 9011003 or 904003 be more practical for your space?

At Kitchen Bathroom Accessories we have the answers to all your questions. We provide a free design service for customers buying cabinets, as well as free advice to assist you with your planning.  Call us 8510 1976 or 0409 596 552 or email us at with your questions.  If you are in Melbourne, come in and see our display at the Home Ideas Centre 1686 Dandenong Rd, Oakleigh East.