kitchen sinksThe sink is an essential item for your kitchen. When buying your kitchen basin there are a few things to consider. They come in all shapes and sizes, and the one you buy will depend on the space and concavity available in the plan of your kitchen, how you use your sink and the design style of your kitchen.
Double tubs are terrific for extra space to wash dishes. Use 1 for washing or soaking your dishes and saucepans and 1 for rinsing. Single sinks are perfect for small kitchens, in a butler’s pantry or bar. You could also consider using 2 single basins instead of a double.
Some also come with drainers, where you can leave dishes to dry without getting your benches wet. Choosing a sink with a drainer win style and practicality.
You may have also heard about hand made kitchen sinks and the machine pressed ones. A hand made sink has a more modern look. With machined the square edges you get that extra bit more space you will need particularly for those large pots and roasting dishes.