Best Ever Guide to Bathroom Fixtures

Fixtures for your bathroom are the defining features that complete the style of the room.  They include towel rails, toilet roll holders, taps, shower roses and more.

When choosing items for your bathroom there are some things to consider.  

What are the must haves?  Usually this list will include toilets, shower roses, taps, basins, towel rails, towel rings & toilet roll holders. 

When choosing these must have items, consider the number and sizes:

  • What space do you have?  

  • Can you fit 2 basins or 2 shower roses?

  • Where will the tap be positioned next to the basin or in the shower?  

  • Does the tap fit over the basin?

  • Can you reach the tap handles?  For instance matching the Amanzi tap fits neatly over the Nepean basin with a comfortable reach to switch the tap on and off.

Next to consider is style.

  • Do you want a mixer tap like the Jala or separate hot and cold taps like the Zou collection?

  • Are you after a more traditional look, such as a round shower rose (SH1004-1) with a matching shower arm (SH1004) or a column such as the 801.11.10

Smaller accessories have great impact on the overall decor of your bathroom.  Items such as toilet brushes, tumblers for your toothbrushes and soap holders not only add that touch of luxury but also practical solutions for storing items in your bathroom.

If you can, consider these elements at your design stage so that they can be placed in a practical position in relation to your other fixtures.

A very economical way to incorporate the smaller fixtures into your budget without compromising on quality is to consider the KBA 6 piece sets of bathroom accessories such as the Pegusus or Cetus sets.  The set includes a towel rail, towel ring, toilet roll holder, tumbler + holder (great for storing your toothbrushes in), hook (for your towel or dressing gown), and soap dish.  Some of these sets such as the Cetus and Orion sets also have additional accessories such as toilet brushes & holders, glass shower shelves and double towel rails.

Hope you enjoyed our best ever guide to bathroom fixtures if any think went unanswered please ask it on our contact form.