Laundry Sink Cabinet

Laundry Sink Cabinet

Finding a Laundry sink cabinet with deep stainlees steel trough with vanity storage can be hard.

The laundry is a room that many people would like to ignore as it screams housework. But it is a vital space in your home. Setting it out so that it can be used in a practical and functional manner is an important use of space. Within the laundry you need your washing machine and dryer, but don’t forget the items that will make your doing your laundry a dream. The size of the laundry trough is dictated by the space that you have available. You can choose a laundry trough cabinet which includes the trough and storage space all in the one convenient unit. If you want a more seamless look, install a trough on your bench.

Also consider the kind of tap you want. We are often asked which tap to use, and the answer lies in how you use your laundry. A tall tap that swivels is helpful for filling buckets for when you are washing floors. A tap with a pull our hose makes cleaning out the trough and buckets easier. A tap with pull out hose + spray feature is useful for rinsing off dirt or mud on your clothes before putting them in the washing machine or cleaning off the stuff you stepped in from the bottom of your shoes.

A ceiling mounted indoor washing line may sound like an extravagance, but with the variable weather that we often experience in Australia, it is a must. It is particularly useful if you live in an apartment with limited space.

Choosing the right products for your laundry can make this vital part of your home a fantastic space to work efficiently and productively. With our range, you are certain to find a laundry troughs, taps and a ceiling mounted washing line to suit your needs. If not feel free to call or email us for how we may be able to help.


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