Bathroom Renovations Victoria, Affordable Designed Bathrooms in Melbourne

When concidering a Bathroom Renovation we offer the most affordable design solutions in Melbourne where you can do it yourself or purchase the basin and cupboards tap or mixer taps and just pay the builder for his time either way you save getting it straight from the importer "us".

Want to get straight to the products see basin mixer taps, vanity bowls or vanity units here. 

Read this before you Renovate.

Renovating a bathroom can be headache, unless you plan and prepare properly.  Here are a few hints to get rid of that throbbing headache:

  1. Take your time to plan.  It’s easier to change things on a piece of paper at the design stage than later on during the renovation.  In this plan, consider where each of the bathroom products are placed.  Begin with the larger items, such as the toilet, shower, and basin.  Then add the bathroom accessories such as the toilet roll holder, shower shelf, taps.  This will ensure that you have the accessories within easy reach to the fixtures.  Planning where you will put your bathroom accessories also means that during construction you can ensure that studs are placed behind the plaster that line up with where your accessories will go.  Attaching the accessories to the studs behind the plaster ensures that they don’t come off the wall.

  2. You are required by law to use a licensed plumber to install all taps.  While it may appear that you are saving time and money to do it yourself, but you will be saving yourself that headache by doing it by the book.

  3. Choose your items before you start so that you are more likely to stick to your budget.  Remember that just because it has a brand name attached it, it doesn’t make the product better, more likely just more expensive.

3 ways to stick to your budget but not skimp on quality:

  1. Buy your products online from to ensure that you are buying quality at a reasonable price.  We can fit our your bathroom with taps, like the Awa, Maji or Zou, shower rose - SH1003-1 or SH1004-1, mixers and spouts for your bath like the CP F9005-0 or CP F0441, toilets (like the AN 5819 or AN 5812) and basins such as the Yarra or Clyde.  Don’t forget we can also supply you with vanity units, fitted to suit your space.

  2. Consider buying the value packed 6 piece bathroom accessories pack.  As the products are packed together as one group, you are ensuring that all your bathroom accessories match.  It includes a those must have items such the towel ring, towel rail, soap holder and toilet roll holder, as well as those luxury items such as the robe hooks and glass tumblers (very handy place to store your toothbrush).   With 8 different styles (Lyra, Cetus, Orion , Vela, Ursa, Phoenix, Aquila and Pegasus) there is a style to suit your style.  Some styles such as the Aquila, Orion and Lyra also have even more accessories to create that luxury you desire in your bathroom such as double towel rails, toilet brush holders and shower shelves.

  3. Plan ahead and buy ahead.  Stick to your plans as much as possible.