Kitchen Bathroom Accessories is a fully Australian owned company and we are the importer of all of it's products.

Kitchen Bathroom Accessories also known as www.kitchenbathroomaccessories.com.au is directed at the home owner, renovator, owner builder, builder and devloper.

www.kitchenbathroomaccessories.com.au allows customers to buy online at wholesale prices. As we are the importers, wholesalers and distributors there is no middle man, which keeps prices down.


Michael - has been a registered builder since 1984 and also has a Bachelor of Architecture. He is an award winning builder that has been in the building industry for over 28 years. Michael been invloved in the design & construction of many projects ranging from renovations , to large houses to large devlopments. During this time he has also been involved with the purchasing of the products for these devlopments.

Minette - has been office manager for Michael during this time and has overseen the general purchasing of the building products. She has been invloved in the interior design of the construction jobs along with Michael.

To make purchasing of products for the developments cost effective, it was necessary to purchase many products overseas. This has led to many contacts and experience in importing. Developers and builders have approached us to purchase products for their buildings which has led to the birth of www.kitchenbathroomaccessories.com.au

Kitchen Bathroom Accessories goals:

1. To give our customers quality products at the cheapest prices possible.

2. To create an online shop that gives our customers a seamless, time saving and cost effective way to purchase their building products.