Best Bathroom Remodel Tips and Ideas

As a designer and builder with 30 years’ experience, Michael has learnt a thing or two about remodeling a bathroom.  These ideas have been developed and reinforced by living in some of the bathrooms he has designed.  Form and function are an important combination in a bathroom design.

The following are some tips and ideas to consider whether you are doing a bathroom makeover or starting a bathroom from scratch.

Take time to think about what you want in your bathroom.  It's easier and cheaper to change your ideas in the planning stage than at the end of construction.
First thing to do is to consider what you want in your bathroom.
Divide this wish list into 3 categories:
    1    What do I need?
    2    What do I want?
    3    What luxuries do I desire?

Look at your current bathroom and then ask yourself or your family some questions:
    •    What do you like and dislike in your current bathroom?
    •    Do you want or need 1 or 2 basins?
    •    Do you have enough storage?  What will you want to store in the new bathroom?
    •    Do you want / need a bath in the bathroom?
    •    How do you use your bathroom? Is it a place you go to in order to relax (such as lying back in a bubble bath) or is it a place of pure function (e.g. just needed to brush your teeth or shower)?

Positioning of the different elements of your bathroom is important for it to be both functional and welcoming.
Think about what you want to see when walking into the bathroom.  Often a mirror or bath with a window above it, is placed opposite the entrance to the bathroom.  This can give a sense of space immediately on entering the room.
Often designers get caught up with the position of the major bathroom items such as the toilet, basin and shower.  While this is very important, don't forget the placement of the bathroom accessories.  The main accessories to consider are: towel rails (single or double), towel ring (for your hand towel), toilet roll holder and toilet brush.  Some luxury add-ons can include robe hooks, soap holders and tumblers (for either rinsing/drinking from, or a place to store your toothbrush).  Furthermore, what quantity of these products are needed? For example in an en-suite or share bathroom you may want multiple hooks or tumblers.
Each accessory needs to be accessible in relation to the item it matches with.  That is, you want the toilet roll holder handy near the toilet and in arms reach.  Likewise you need the towel rail near the shower.
When thinking about the position of the accessory, don't forget to consider how high off the floor you need to place the accessories.  A toilet brush holder is often placed near the floor, hidden next to the toilet, whereas robe hooks are usually in at a higher reach than the towel rails, so that you can hang your dressing gown so it doesn't hit the floor, but can still be reached.

Finally, you need to consider the decor of your bathroom.  Magazines can be a wonderful source of inspiration for style and colour.  Keep in mind the size of your bathroom and compare it to the pictures you love in the magazines.  The bathroom is often the smallest room in the house. Magazines often present beautiful, lavish and large bathrooms in styles that may not be translated to smaller areas. Think about the size of the items you are installing, particularly showers, baths and vanity units.
Colour, mirrors and the manner in which you lay your tiles can make the room feel bigger or smaller.  For example, using larger tiles means fewer grout lines which gives a room a feeling of luxury and space.  Laying tiles so that the longer side is laid against the longer side of the room adds a sense of length.  When considering your tiles, think about whether you wish to fully or partially tile the bathroom.

It is often the little touches that give the bathroom a sense of luxury.  Taps, basins and bathroom accessories, provide the finishing touch and style to your bathroom remodal.